For business partners

2022 event will be organized normally as before covid-19 pandemic.

We are expecting the biggest audience ever after a long period without events.

The event will be broadcasted by a live stream from our solidsports channel.

Advertisement and expo stands as well as VIP tickets for business customer are on sale!

Along with the Extreme Stadium Race, Winter Expo will be organized.

The event with the expo is a great venue for all types of businesses for advertising, marketing, sales, customer contact, and VIP customer service.

The expo stands can be reserved from the paddock side near the riders and from the mainstand side.

Advertising spots are on sale:
– in a big screen in the middle of the track
– on livestream show
– regional ads on the track area (eg Beach Flags)
– ads on a program magazine
– heat partners.
– and so on

VIP tickets are already available for business customers.

We offer a great motor sport event, the biggest snowmobile event in Europe and an international motorsport race right in the downtown of Oulu.